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Default Boxing Deaths & Glove Colours

In boxing, while the sport is full of excitement and we occasionally hear of deaths such as the recent Tubagus Sakti, and much more popular cases such as Duk Koo Kim. Arguably, the worst case was with Billy Collins Jr. who took extensive punishment over 12 rounds from Luis Resto who had cement filled gloves.

Billy Collins Jr:,_Jr.

Duk Koo Kim:

Tubugas Sakti: check other thread.

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Barring the Billy collins jr incident (he commited suicide), the purpose of this thread was to ask the community what causes certain boxers like Tubagas Sakti and Duk Koo Kim to die from a beating which arguably isn't too brutal. Other fighters such as Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali , and Jess Willard took much more brutal punishment and survived whereas these fighters die.

Is there a certain "punishment limit" someone can take to the head before dying? Were certain fighters hit in more vital areas of the head (temple) more often than others? Are there specific punches in specific areas that one can say "thats what contributed to his death" or "thats what killed him"?

The most important question of all, how does one go about training so that they are able to take much more punishment and minimize their chances of dying????

Please provide good evidence, studies etc. This is important for not only me but everyone to know.

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My own contribution to the question is that I think that a very strong neck allows a fighter to take hits to the head much better. Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather Jr were well known to strengthen their necks (one with weights and the other calisthenics). Both these fighters are able to take shots well.


I think boxing glove colours could affect reaction time, the psychological state of the opponent, distractions etc. For example, a boxing glove that blends with the canvas colour would be more harder for the opponent to see. Bright yellow gloves would distract an opponent. Red gloves are the colour of blood and might instill a little fear into the opponent given the wearer has the persona to go with it. What are your thoughts?
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