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Default Re: Smelling saltes as a PED

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Why does everyone hold PEDs against sports people? The drugs don't win you anything on their own, they help you improve your level and allow you to work even harder. Most amateur sports enthusiasts use banned substances to improve their performances anyway

You can also be pretty sure boxers who are 'winners' with sociopathic tendencies won't have any scruples about using something because 'it's banned' when they're happy enough to publicly wack you in the nuts in a prize ring.
A fair point. I think it comes from the rage against the stacked deck and the tendency to sympathize with the honorable.

There is a sizeable minority of boxers who refuses staunchly to use PEDs as a matter of honor. The lay-fan admires them, and despises other fighters for having advantages over their heroes not brought on by God or skill.

I don't like PEDS because it all but eliminates a key element of fighting, and that is smart training. Part of the fight is the preparation for it. Who worked harder and who worked smarter? As PEDs become more prevalent, this storied part of combat is fast becoming laughable.

Also, pre-fight injuries are on the rise, and I have no doubt that PEDs, and the maniacal training regime they allow, are a contributor to that.
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