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Default Re: Boxing Deaths & Glove Colours

Originally Posted by Juiceboxbiotch View Post
No 2 fighters are the same, no 2 brains are the same.

There have been fighters who only took 1 or 2 rounds of punishment, appeared to be fine after the fight... only to collapse in their dressing room or somewhere else the next day and die soon after. Some have actually won their fight by KO or UD, only to collapse and die.

Billy Collins Jr. isn't a great example. His death was not ruled a suicide, he died in a drunk driving accident. His family thinks he may have committed suicide. He did not suffer any brain bleed as result of his fight with Resto, he suffered injuries to his eyes... furthermore, there was no cement in Resto's gloves... the padding had simply been removed before the fight.

Your post lacks substance and especially facts.
Can you please respond more to my questions, like how to make one take punishment better, not die etc etc? Most of your post is irrelevant.

I said to disregard Billy Collins Jr as he didn't die in the ring and I'm discussing fighters dying in the ring. Even if we grant the dubious assumption that court rulings are the objective truth, he was well on his way to commit suicide and gave up on life in general.

Luis Resto's gloves were covered in plaster of paris on the night of the fight, which is similar to cement[]. Your nitpicking on very little details.
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