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Default Re: Do you feel bad for Haye fans?

Originally Posted by Slyk View Post
I can't help but feel bad for these poor souls. They follow their "fighter" through embarrassment and defeat unquestionably. Even when the world, their country, and even the fighters own trainer grow tired of the lack of substance, they remain; steadfast and loyal. I can't help but feel these fans are part of the new wave of "WWE" boxing fans. The type of fans who prefer an excellent build up over a decent fight. I could be wrong, but this new type of fan seems to be more focused on what happens outside the ring than in it, something I can't agree with.

With all that being said, I guess I'm just surprised Haye has so many fans remaining. Loyal fandom of a fighter is certainly admirable, but only if said fighter is worth being loyal to.

Boxing can certainly use more fans, and if these new fans are due to what goes on outside the ring instead of what goes on inside, then so be it.
nope. they are delusional . if someone is a haye fan after the last 5 or 6 years they are at this point idiots.
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