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Default Re: Smelling saltes as a PED

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
It's where you draw the line with PEDs for me. Technically a cup of strong coffee could be a PED, I mean it's not banned but it's got caffeine that will give you a boost.

Then you have the plethora of performance enhancing supplements that aren't banned but improve performance a little, not as much as the banned but the intent is essentially the same.

Then you have, don't laugh, Viagra, not banned, but a better PED than quite a few banned PEDs

I don't like a stacked deck either, but I think pro-sports gone beyond that, at least in boxing 'skills beats all' to a degree. You can take a bodybuilder taking shedloads of PEDs and he'll get beat silly and outlasted by a fat out of shape boxer
I have a pretty rounded view of it- I've used a steroid to help heal an injury, and got a positive test without adequate doctor paperwork. Got an NC, man, and it still follows me, and I've tried to remain clean my whole career.

I know for a fact that a lot of guys do them, and the times I've encountered it, staring me in the face, BOTH guys fighting were on the juice, so I didn't think twice.

I think we just want fair contests, and we really don't like the thought of anything BUT the fists settling the contest. If we think those fists had help they shouldn't have, it hurts our credibility, and, frankly, our feelings(no ****). Hard to watch a hero get beat down and believe, in your heart of hearts, that outcome would have been different if only xyz.
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