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Default Re: -ESB Prediction League 2013- UFC on Fox 6: Johnson vs Dodson

Originally Posted by sugarngold View Post
It's a three part prediction: the fighter, the method and the round. The round three was named in my prediction. The points are deserved and as the individual that ran the entire league alone for the calendar year 2009 - I always awarded the points for each correct portion of the prediction. If Rek has been stealing points from me for the past three years it explains why my ranking has been hurt. Being kept down by the man so the Golden Boy Rob Floyd can win again keeping the sponsors happy. It's bull**** and you're not going to get away with it any more!!!
I was drinking yesterday when I read this, and was offended more than I should have been by that "alone" remark. I guess I felt like I was being snubbed, because I distinctly remember having a conversation with you near the end of the summer of 2009. You were becoming too busy to handle the league on your own, and I started helping. That is when I took over as scorekeeper for the majority of the time, and I may have started posting prediction threads that year as well. I am in no way insinuating I did as much as sugarngold in 2009. The bulk of the work was done by him.

Sugar may not have been the league's founder, but he is an integral part of why the league still exists. He solidified most of the model that we still follow. My sincerest apologies.
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