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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Lorenzo Aragon, July 31st 1996

Originally Posted by Chappy112 View Post
Its crazy watching how much he's evolved into a completely different right, I mean obviously you have a different style in the amateurs because it's a different points system but he's all rushing in wild.
At times, but there are elements of techniques he still uses today. You can spot the shoulder roll, jerk-backs, some quick right hand leads, counter hooks on the pivot, etc.

That wild **** is how Aragon floored him. It was partially Mayweather just ricocheting off him like a pinball after running into him, and upon first glance you might think "Oh, their legs got tangled" - but Lorenzo's hatchet right was the direct cause of his fall.

Lesson: Even a very solid chin won't keep you from getting plunked by a well-placed gem from someone educated in how to punch. Mind your D.
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