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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

Originally Posted by LittleRed View Post
I'm coming. And after I close that window we're going to discuss this.
Count me in too, I REALLY want to know.

Fighting Harada with my limited knowledge, I'll place him around 51-60 which isn't half bad!

The case for Harada being in Top 50:
1. The wins over Eder Jofre, although Jofre's style was made for Harada, it's still a completely monstrous ATG win.

2. Harada beat all of the top fighters that Jofre beat...i.e Seki, Rudkin, Medel, Caraballo, apart from Legra and Saldivar (who Harada didn't face), but as Flea stated and it's true, Saldivar was way past his prime (although Jofre was somewhat past his prime too, being 37 and no longer in his prime weight).
Point 2 is a legit point because Jofre are in most people's top 50.

3. He also has a win over Ebihara who was a very solid midget.

4. He did all of this, all in a period of 10 years, from ages 16-26.

Why he doesn't quite fit Top 50:

1. His loss to contenders like Esparza lol
2. He lost the Harada-Kingpetch rivalry..But I haven't seen the second fight to judge for myself.
3. TKO6 loss to Joe Medel, however..with credit, he did avenge this loss.
4. Jofre blitzed his opponents, Harada could barely s****e past some of them!
5. His loss to Lionel Rose. I would really be expecting a win against Rose. I haven't seen much of Harada but the way some people on this forum talk, it's as if he has Pernell Whitaker skill level or something. As a layman on FH, this loss makes me think...hmm...he always had a tough time with TOP opposition that I recognise. Harada moved back down to his prime weight for this fight also.
6. Harada, the son of Johnny Famechon. Harada arguably won the first fight, but Famechon laid the smackdown on Harada in Harada's final fight.
- With point 6, it's important to note that it wasn't at his prime weight. I haven't seen how he operated during these fights compared to when he was at 118lbs. I mean on this forum someone said Cotto was 'shot' when he fought Mayweather...I saw the fight, Cotto was a monster. You have to watch it yourself.

Yes I am a layman where FH is involved as you can see, but Flea is a die hard Harada fan who probably glorifies that era more than what it's worth (even if worth a lot) just like how old men replace their viagra with a conversation over old timers, which they get erections over, so remember to take things with a pinch of salt.

Harada, a great ATG, beatable but Great.

This discussion and my research will either make me rate FH higher or Jofre lower
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