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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Good post anj but a few points:

How did he lose the Kingpetch rivalry? They only fought twice and the first was an absolute annihilation where Harada looked as good ad anyone ever has filmed in a
Prize ring.

A 'beatable great'?! Who isn't?! Oh, Jofre for one. Only one man managed to solve that puzzle.

Why did you say 'lol' after Esparza? It shows what a ****ing re**** you are. Are you 17?

You are making most of your stuff up!!!

How did he 'move back down to his prime weight?'

I've already given you an example of Harada dealing with an opponent with less trouble than Jofre did. Jofre was also a big puncher and Harada was not. Bringing this up again shows your bias. I'm assuming you rank Muhammad Ali behind George Foreman for the same reason even though, like Harada he holds a distinction no one else does over him (Only man to stop Foreman/Harada only man to beat Jofre) but s****ed past opponents Foreman bludgeoned inside a few rounds (Norton & Frazier)

Also, of you have him in the 50th place with no clue whatsoever about him what's to say you wouldn't rate him as highly as me once you knew more?

You say you wanna' learn yet ignore the facts, haven't seen the footage, keep relying on boxrec to support your arguments (BTW it's Aoki, not Seki they both fought)

How can you hold not facing Saldivar and Legra against Harada? Why not criticise Jofre for not moving down and beating Kingpetch and Ebihara? Speaking of Ebihara, do you know the circumstances in which Harada established his superiority over him and why it was an important victory?

Also, who said Harada is like Floyd?! He's a swarmed who could box a bit as well. That's it. Incredible jab as well, could chase you with it and befor you knew it he was all over ya', the constant jab in your face an annoyance that made you forget there was a man behind the fist getting closer, and closer.

i wonder why more swarmers and boxers with INCREDIBLE stamina didn't rely more on the damn jab. some fighters like armstrong seemed to live in the pocked and the jab wasn't their bread and butter but if you can bust out 50 jabs a round, with in and out as well as lateral movement, you don't NEED to get inside and turn it into a brawl every single round. mixing in a consistent, accurate jab can only help you rather than relying solely on heavy hooks on the inside. that's what i love about harada: he can't be classified as a traditional swarmer because he did so much stuff swarmers can't/won't do
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