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Default Re: How did you score McCallum vs. Kalambay II?

I'm surprised how many of you feel it was a two-halves sort of bout.I still think the British commentary was fairly poor in this fight, the majority of the rounds in the fight were evenly contested and tough to score yet they had McCallum winning everything until about the 7th round and even talk of a stoppage circa 5 to 6.holdsworth i think it was calling out lampley-esque lines like "one jab, two jabs, THREE JABS" or "really working the body here" when the majority of it was missing or not landed cleanly.

Then he must have noticed he was going over the top and started to balance things out by making out Kalambay was coming on like a freight train which wasn't really true to that extent either.

Not an easy fight to call live, to be fair, these kind of fights never are.Best rewatched with some of the old Ludwig Van on instead, or something like that
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