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Default Ali v Joe Fraiser and Foreman on same night

1) After Ali beat Foreman in 1974, I remember him saying he wanted a fight between Fraizer and Foreman on the same night.

This is how he wanted it, he wanted a 20 round bout

10 rounds with Foreman then after

10 rounds with Fraizer

If this had happened how would it have gone...

2) Furthermore instead of making another thread, i just wanna ask...

why did ali before the Foreman fight warm up so much, he was totally sweating before the fight against Foreman even before it had even begun, i think if he hadnt done that he wouldnt have to do the rope a dope as he wouldnt have been tired.

I remember Lewis saying a fighter needs to keep warmed up, if his body isnt sweating more chances of getting knocked out, but Alis warm up before the Foreman fight was rather extensive.

I asked my friend this who does a bit of boxing, this was he believes. When a fighter is in the ring before a fight, especially a big fight, sometimes the body can get so nervous, sweaty, that instantly you can see yourself shaking, and just freeze, maybe Ali wanted to keep his body moving, he didnt want that freezing motion that a fighter can experience, so kept himself moving before the fight, even though the warm up was really long, and he was really sweating.

so what you guys think, of the two comments, two threads into one.
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