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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

To really appreciate Harada you have get that he was more of a natural Fly(albeit a big one) and was a fat ******* that ate his way through the weights between fights.The Esparza fight is an early example of that...he fought him as a fat over the weight Flyweight.

understand that and watch stuff like Kingpetch and Jofre and you begin to see what a monster he was when near his best fighting shape.It also helps to understand why he was't the most consistent performer after actually winning titles, nor blessed with terrific longevity.Both of which he obvously should be criticised for and not just used as excuses.

However guys like that usually had nowhere near the career Harada did back when their weren't junior weightclasses and less belts.he was fighting borderline great\all-time great fighters at every weight he jumped up to.

Harada would have been even more at home in a junior weightclass climate with less fights expected per year, opponent's far more thoroughly scouted so as to pick the most beatable and a big Western promoter like Arum or King.Easier to get punished for not being at your best against a Lionel Rose than it is against some chump only there to survive like Narvaez.then he'd have a lengthy notice when a hyped fight against a supposed threat does get made.
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