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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
funny thing is tony i was actually nicer to you than allot of guys on here....for whatever reason you decided to have a go at me after I made a joke about being able to take those two 11 year olds that RDJ posted. I actually originally posted that you looked scared....but i think i took it down...if you really want to fight..than you gotta get over that..if you wanna have six pack abs and be able to tell girls you work out at a boxing gym, than by all means keep up with doing it as you are..truth is its most likely better for your brains...but in that case..dont post any more "sparring" videos...
No, you took offense to my saying that you don't seem like the athletic type based on your esb persona. I didn't mean anything by it. The way you act on here you seem more like a practical joker or comedian than a athlete, what with all the alts, and trolling and whatnot. I also never saw you talk about boxing at all, until I started coming to the training forum.

As far as taking criticism, it doesn't bother me at all whatsoever, not even RDJ's video of the kids. I welcome criticism, even if it isn't tastefully done. Tell you what, though. I think we're sparring today. I'll post a much better example of what I can do in there...
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