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Default Re: holyfield vs. wlad today would be a close fight

Originally Posted by Bazooka View Post
Funny you should say this Brewster, Sanders and Puritty all found a way to beat Wlad, and your here suggesting that the higher skilled Holyfield wouldnt find a way to get behind that jab?

Wlads chin is always the factor in fights like this, and to suggest Holyfield cant hurt him is just out right stupid.

Wlad would never be able to go through what Bowe was able to go through with Evander, he would never have seen the finish line.

and if your going to tell me Wlad pot shots and boxes Holyfield to a decision your crazy Nobody was able to do that against a Prime Holyfield and Wlad is no exception here.
are we really going to compare a Wlad from almost a decade ago?

i mean lets take a look at a list of fighers who beat holyfield (i dont really want to but for arguments sake... if we go based on yoru logic)

1) john ruiz 2001 (Wlad's idol)
2) chris byrd 2002 (Wlad victem)
3) james toney 2003 (burgerking victem)
4) Larry donald 2004 (vitaly victem)

list goes on, i know those loses weren't prime holyfield... but what is prime holyfield? Would you consider the holyfield that lost to Michael Moorer a prime holyfield?

Wlad has his loses, and he will likely lose again but he has the ability to execute a winning strategy 6+ times out of 10 vs holyfield imho.
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