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Default Re: Mayweather/Garcia would sell like hot cakes

Originally Posted by Divi253 View Post
No no. ****ing no no no! **** that. How is this acceptable? Huge Floyd fan but seriously? Let Garcia spark out a few more big names at 140. He's not said anything about wanting to move up or getting too big for 140 to my knowledge, why the hell would he get Floyd his first fight at 147? He at least would have to take out Matthysse, I can't see him leaving the division without taking that fight.

We can't let Floyd off that easy. People stop saying this fight is a possibility, don't even want to hear about this possible matchup right now.
Why would he possibly have to spark out a few more "big" names. Matthyse is overrated.

Garcia is the lineal champion at that weight. What big names did Hatton spark out in 2007? Tsuyu (Way past his prime)/Castillo? Urango? Collazo @ 47?

He deserves it more than Hatton did at 07.
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