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Default Re: Mayweather/Garcia would sell like hot cakes

Originally Posted by MVC View Post
Why would he possibly have to spark out a few more "big" names. Matthyse is overrated.

Garcia is the lineal champion at that weight. What big names did Hatton spark out in 2007? Tsuyu (Way past his prime)/Castillo? Urango? Collazo @ 47?

He deserves it more than Hatton did at 07.
Ok, not spark out. Just said that because that's what he's been doing. He at least has to beat someone at 147 to get a shot at Floyd, preferably a title holder or someone on a decent win streak.

Hatton had at least won at 147, you have to at least do the minimum. Hatton thought he could take Mayweather, and to my knowledge said as much publicly. Also had far more wins and was the fighting pride of his country, he had them all backing him. I haven't heard Garcia say **** about Mayweather... Or Mayweather mention him. It's completely random to say they'd fight, and it would be ****ty for him to get Mayweather right now as his first 147lb fight.
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