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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Lorenzo Aragon, July 31st 1996

Originally Posted by Slickstar View Post
Were there any people angry about this fight's decision?
Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Nah. It was seen as a close call but clearly belonging to PBF under the existing rule set.

He clocked more than Aragon no matter how you tally (whether ignoring jabs and body shots like the judges did, or including them like me)

Now, Mayweather vs. Todorov...

There was outrage. There were resignations from AIBA.

Mayweather outlanded Todorov by double.

Aragon came much closer to deserving a W over young Pretty Boy than Todorov did. If he got the nod, it would have raised eyebrows but not caused an uproar.

It's too bad Aragon never met Todorov in the ring. I think in this particular instance something akin to ABC logic would've borne out: h2h, the guy who fought Mayweather razor-thin beats the guy who deserved a wide loss. Aragon simply possessed the build, strength and style to clearly beat Todorov (as Mayweather did, although he regrettably wasn't rewarded duly for it)
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