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Default Re: Greatest Middleweight once and for all- Greb? Monzon? Hagler?

Hopkins had some truly abysmal challengers mind.

BTW Nightcrawler I'd consider middle around Tito's 'natural' weight, a small middle though. Was always a big welter IMO and got sturdier as he moved up. IMO B-Hop's best win and I do think Trinidad was a top challenge for him. He'd beaten the two best 11 stone fighters and a top 5 middle (admittedly only above average Joppy) and was considered one of the top punchers in the sport.

I think people tend to underrate the win because the consensus is that 'Tito' was not a 'proper' middleweight. I disagree although Hopkins had a big height advantage (as he did most at his weight)

Anyone know Hopkins' fight night weight for that one? And Trinidad's for that matter? Never bothered to find out funnily enough.

Tywin But well beaten by a mainly one armed fighter all the same.
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