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Default Re: Smelling saltes as a PED

Originally Posted by Webbiano View Post
Since when was the usage of supplements in the middle of a boxing match justice? Like you where saying earlier, it gives an unfair advantage to Ali therefore he should have been disqualified. If you where the ref and was aware of what was going down in the corner, you wouldn't be doing your job correctly if you deducted a point and threw the salts away.
I prefer fists settling a contest. I would, in fact, do everything in my power to AVOID a DQ, and many referees are the same.

A single intentional low blow isn't met with a DQ, but it offers an IMMEDIATE and FAR more egregious unfair advantage. Many refs don't even DQ fighters whose corners illegally rush the ring.

Let the fighters fight whenever you can. If banned substances become an issue, let the commissions judge the result, and let the assosciation's, if any, order a rematch. The referee's number one goal should be to control the fight, yes, but number 2 should be to let the fighters fight.
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