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Default Re: Smelling saltes as a PED

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Quite possibly.

Always the referees discretion, and there is virtually NO precedent for an outcome being CHANGED.

Invalidated and NC'ed, yes, that happens all the time, but very, very rarely is a loss turned into a win. It would be bad, bad juju. It'd be the final nail in the coffin of the sport.
Of course.

I wonder what the perception of Clay would've been at the time, and Ali now, if he had been DQ'd and not had the chance to show he'd recovered. Sure he'd have gone on to beat Cooper in the rematch, but would it be as champ after dethroning Liston?

If anything else it'd be brought up even more than the friggin' knockdown does nowadays, even now after all the myths have been dispelled you still see 'em cropping up every so often.

Imagine if Saad had been DQ'd for having that substance on him against Conteh. An absolutely superb fight would've been snatched from us, and Conteh's lightning in a bottle physical state that night would've been robbed from him even in a DQ win. We never would've seen that great comeback.

I'm glad these kinda' misdemeanours go unpunished in a way as I don't think them to be really that much of an advantage. Of course I'm talking selfishly as a spectator wanting to see one thing only; you got it, a good clean fight

Disclaimer; yes I'm essentially advocating an ickle bit of cheating as it's to gain a little advantage in the ebb and flow and not to really damage your opponent, ergo I appreciate B-Hop's sneaky butting, not so much Luis Resto's tampered gloves. Case-by-case basis I guess, but again, selfish I know.
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