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Default Re: holyfield vs. wlad today would be a close fight

Originally Posted by Vladimir23 View Post
Lets look at some of Holyfield's losses and close fights

- dominated by Chris Byrd, who was destroyed twice by Wlad and dominated by one armed Vitali

- dominated by Larry Donald, who was annihilated by Vitali (was the only man to knockdown and KO Donald)

- dominated by Sultan Ibragimov, who was dominated by Wlad

- KTFO by James Toney, who lost twice to Sam Peter, who was destroyed and ruined by the Klitschkos

- drew and lost to John Ruiz, who lost to 3 Wlad victims (Haye, Chagaev, Nicholson)

- lost twice to Lennox Lewis, who was dominated and retired by Vitali

- lost twice to Rid**** Bowe, who was destroyed twice by Andrew Golota, who was KTFO by 4 Klitschko victims (Adamek, Brewster, Austin, Lewis)

- went life and death with Vaughn Bean, who was destroyed by Vitali (was the only man to KO Bean)

- went life and death with Ray Mercer, who was annihilated by Wlad (was the first man to knockdown and KO Mercer)

Wlad >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Holyfield

Vitali >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Holyfield

Either Klitschko destroys any version of Holyfield.
True klitschko fans are embarrassed by fans like you
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