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Default Re: Lamont peterson signs with goldenboy

Originally Posted by miniq View Post
I'm a fan*

Of Khan and Matthysse

Also included:

numerous retired fighters

Could of been an Ortiz fan if he didn't turn out to be such a douche
Liked Peterson ALOT intill it turned out he wasn't what he seemed

What's your problem fool? Of couse i'm going to have strong opinions about my favourite fighters... But i'm honest about their weaknesses also if you like and if i'm wrong about something then fair enough. I think Lucas beats Peterson likely by KO don't be mad.
You're a ***** switch-hitter. After Khan got sparked, you turned on him faster than you can say "***** ass fan". You're a nut rider. You weren't saying **** about Matthysse much before his fight this weekend. Now, you can't seem to get his **** out of your mouth. I'm just here to expose your fake ass. Don't be mad.
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