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Default Re: Lamont peterson signs with goldenboy

Originally Posted by thawk888 View Post
You're a bitch switch-hitter. After Khan got sparked, you turned on him faster than you can say "bitch ass fan". You're a nut rider. You weren't saying shit about Matthysse much before his fight this weekend. Now, you can't seem to get his **** out of your mouth. I'm just here to expose your fake ass. Don't be mad.

Then why would I be getting up at 3:00AM UK time to watch Lucas fight C- level Dallas?
Admitting Khan has many flaws is switching on him?

If you want to talk shit then PM please instead putting this thread off topic with your personal issues

And about not saying shit about Lucas up intill after his fight this weekend

Whats this?:
October 2012:

Dumbass LOL you even posted in it.

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