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Default Re: Lamont peterson signs with goldenboy

Originally Posted by thawk888 View Post
You're a ***** switch-hitter. After Khan got sparked, you turned on him faster than you can say "***** ass fan". You're a nut rider. You weren't saying **** about Matthysse much before his fight this weekend. Now, you can't seem to get his **** out of your mouth. I'm just here to expose your fake ass. Don't be mad.

Then why would I be getting up at 3:00AM UK time to watch Lucas fight C- level Dallas?
Admitting Khan has many flaws is switching on him?

If you want to talk **** then PM please instead putting this thread off topic with your personal issues

And about not saying **** about Lucas up intill after his fight this weekend

Whats this?:
October 2012:

Dumbass LOL you even posted in it.

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