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Default Re: Joe Frazier Vs. Evander Holyfield..Prime for Prime?

Originally Posted by gentleman jim View Post
Frazier had more than just a left hook. The problem with Joe was that he sometimes relied on it too much which made his offense somewhat one dimensonal. When he chose to use his rght hand more he was a very dangerous opponent as we saw in his second fight with Quarry. In the FOTC Joe tagged Ali with a few sneaky and powerful right hands that rocked Muhammed and he often threw the right to the body along with the left hook. Combine that with his head and body movement and relentless pressure and Evander is in for a long night. When I look at the FOTC I'm surprised at the number of punches Joe made Ali miss with his bob and weave and head movement. If he could make the fastest HW of all time miss that many shots then he can make Holyfield miss alot as well. Granted he'll take a lot but Holy didn't have the kind of power to stop a prime Frazier in his tracks which is why I think Joe takes a hard fought UD n a great fight.
He did bust Quarrys ass!!!..
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