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Default Re: What is the most misleading stat in boxing?

Originally Posted by ripcity View Post
I think it's ko%. Joe Calzaghe had a ko% of 69.57. I don't think anyone would have called him a power puncher or ko artist. Timothy Bradley has a 40%. Would anyone call him feather fisted?
of course. bradley has been called a weak puncher....which is fine. it doesnt matter to a point. he has some pop on some of his punches and makes up the lack of weight behind them with another punch following the one before.

calzaghe is pretty much a guy who just puts his opponants in trouble and doesnt aloow them to get out. will they get koed? no, will joe tire out before they get stopped? yes. but he put his act down to a tee. it makes refs stop the fight.

but yeah, ko percentages is useless and makes no refrence to competition.

not long ago there was a spanish light heavy/cruiser called david quinonnero. 27 wins 26ko's
look at him on youtube. clearly not a big puncher just under matched and a good engine wears down the sluggish unready journeymen.
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