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Default Re: Do you feel bad for Haye fans?

Originally Posted by shaunster101 View Post

If it was in anyway original or amusing I would have probably considered joining in the joke. However, seeing as it was you who started this thread this was clearly not going to be the case. It was merely going to be another way to indulge your obsession with Brits and try and get some of that attention you so desperately crave.


You're so desperate to get attention from a certain group of posters that you started a thread about that group of posters hoping they'd bite. The mods won't tolerate threads specifically about fans of fighters because they're pathetic. So, in summary, your childish need for attention drove you to start a thread so pathetic that the mods would've closed it.


Actually, repeatedly posting in a thread does the opposite of burying it. It keeps it at the top of the front page where more people can see it. The fact that it's been at the top of page 1 all this time and only 1-2 people have even bothered to take it seriously should give a pretty good indication of how utterly **** it was.


Posting images in a thread is an optional response when a boring attention seeker is starting another unfunny thread that is going to get closed down as soon as a moderator sees it. Usually where a text based retort is only going to encourage the sad ******* who made the thread to post even more.

Ah, the nice work. The good old 'finish my post something condescending to create that illusion that I've posted something of note' approach.
Do you genuinely believe that you were trying to "save my thread"? I don't think you do. Why would you want to "save" a thread so boring, so ****, so not worth the time? This does not make sense, surely you can see.

As an aside, I don't see why you feel the need to make personal attacks on an internet forum. I feel you have been a little hostile in your posts toward me. If it was unintentional then forget I said anything; we all have our days.

Finally, this thread is regarding fans of David Haye. He is a global sports star and as such has fans all over the world. I did not intend to target "brits" with this thread, and I apologize if there was any confusion.
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