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Default Re: Golovkin vs Osumanu Adama: March 30, France?

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post

Sturm was ordered to fight his mandatory Golovkin and the mandatory was deffered for unification. When he started seeking that unification the WBA let everyone know the winner would have to fight Golovkin next. Geale knew before he even signed, he didn't get backed into anything.

Geale was releasing public statements crying about having been "unjustly stripped" then stfu real quick when everyone called him on his bull**** since he knew full well what would happen since day 1.
According to WBA rules, a champion has 9 months to face his mandatory or he gets stripped. Geale was given three on short notice AFTER the Sturm fight had been signed. He knew he had to fight Golovkin but not within three months, so get your facts straight before making an **** of yourself. The WBA ordered that they would have to fight by the 31st of December ONE DAY BEFORE THE STURM VS GEALE FIGHT and well after the fight had been signed.

So why don't you wipe the GGG **** from your eyes and actually do some research, idiot. But as you are a GGG **** jockey, that makes you a re**** and re****s need to be spoon fed so here you go:
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