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Default Re: Golovkin vs Osumanu Adama: March 30, France?

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
Right, but according to you and your fellow GGG nuthuggers, its fair for the WBA to order the fight within 3 months AFTER the fight had been signed and ONE DAY before the actual fight?

So Geale should have signed on to fight the number 3 in the middleweight division less than three months after beating the then number 1 overseas (Martinez was/is Champion). And you say it's unfair for Golovkin who has done **** all in the middleweight division? Not even Martinez, Mayweather or Pacquiao have done that so nice try with the desperate excuse to defend Golovkin and the WBA.

Geale to beat Mundine is a sure thing whereas Golovkin is a tough one to call but I personally think Geale would win but there is no guarantee of a victory for the either man, unlike what you and you fellow GGG nuthuggers say.
I didn't say it's fair, I don't make sentences with "fair" and "sanctioning body" much. Again, if they ordered it earlier, would Geale refuse to sign for Sturm or what?

As to what GGG had done to deserve to shot, how about he sat on his mandatory position for 2 years, attempting to fight both super champ Sturm and interim champ NJikam with no luck. What more would you want?

BTW, the only reason Sturm offered Geale the unification is to defer the mandatory. If you remember, Geale was about to sign for Pirog on HBO in Aug, then Sturm swooped in with a bigger offer and sure unification.
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