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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Lorenzo Aragón, July 31st 1996

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
You don't see any Cubans on here spouting off that Aragón was shafted.
I spoke too soon.

There is an alternate upload of Mayweather vs. Aragon online, and the first comment is in Spanish and translates to "There were thirty (!!!) uncredited punches by Aragón; I thought he won it..."

It's unclear from the phrasing whether this person thought Aragón deserved the 2nd round, or the match. (moot point, as the former directly implies the latter).

I can see arguing a case for Aragón if you leave out a couple of Mayweather's more borderline scoring strikes or dismiss them as not quite clean enough to deem worthy of awarding...and obviously I'm a lot more liberal with handing out points than AIBA judges are, due to my higher sensitivity to jabs and body work - but no ****ing way in hell did either man land thirty blows in a single round. (or hell, in the match!!) 30 uncounted? That would be absolute madness if that somehow went overlooked.
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