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Default Re: Vitali's losses are to opponents who took fight on less than 14 days notice.

Originally Posted by SkittlezTheBest View Post
Lmao at this Klit**** loving ESB like ESB is the world.

Every single major boxing ranking outlet got Lewis as a top 10 HW of all times

They don't even know Vitali exists.

If not for Lewis.. Vitali would be forgotten.

It's funny how Lennox's networth IS EQUAL THAT OF KLITSCHKOS COMBINED.

Lennox Lewis was paid 10 million dollars to fight Tony Uncle ****er Tucker
adjusted for inflation- 16 million USD Today. And that wasn't even his top 5 Payday

Lennox can buy the Ukraine in another 5 years at the rate his networth keep growing.
well, I come to ESB almost every day and the truth is the only reason people mention Lewis is the Klitschko fight. Lewis still gets like 10 threads a day here, but his name is only mentioned next to Vitaly or Wlad. I don't think I ever saw a thread here with people actually discussing Lewis' other fights or his skills or whatever. He only appears in the Klitschko related threads.
I guess, he is a symbol that Klitschkos could be beaten. At least in theory. Without Vitaly he would be another Floyd Patterson, a forgotten champ, who nobody even mentions anymore.
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