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Originally Posted by Scar View Post
Can't believe that such a great fight/event that got me to search for boxing debates online only to end up on this site and finally register nearly a decade ago has come down to a joke sticky thread.

To those that forgot how amazing this fight was, feel free to youtube when bored. Though I highly recommend a high quality and a flash USB drive on your widescreens. This fight was action packed, dramatic and all-epic. Can't believe I almost forgot how good it really was.
Scar, you're looking at this too objectively. With reason and common sense.

That's not what this thread, this fight has become. It's a farce really.

If I wanted to be sensible, I'd say Vitaly did far better than expected at the time, rattled Lewis early - hurt him a lot in Rd 2, Lewis stopped boxing and just started fighting, Vitaly got cut, Lewis saw an opportunity and did what you'd expect of an aging champion. He took it, mercilessly.
Vitaly had his chances, did well, but unfortunately came up short.

Both guys hammered the bejesus out of each other for 6 rounds.

Vitaly had his chance in RD2, and didn't take it. He gave Lewis a chance to get back in the fight, and Lewis took it.

What more can you say? Was Vitaly unlucky? Sure. Was it a legitimate win for Lewis. Yes.

I can have a discussion about whether or not Vitaly should have changed tactics after the cut, how come Lewis with a supposedly shaky chin turned into a face first brawler against a younger, fitter, taller man with a huge KO% - why Vitalys defence is great when he leans back and away unless you're in a with guy who has a huge reach, and is strong and willing to take a punch - why I think at that time Vitaly was better than Wlad

and much more. but it's been done over the years, and now you're just left with, well, loonies. Who are entertaining to wind up and watch them go.
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