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Default Re: Smelling saltes as a PED

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
It's prizefighting, man. An ickle bit of cheating happens each round, much less each fight. The referee is there to reign it in, penalize a guy who gets excessive, or end a fight if a fight, in essence, refuses to fight fair.

Even Mills Lane let a bout go on after a huge bite. Referee discretion IS a rule. I have a problem with the whole "Shoulda been DQed" mindset. "Coulda been DQed" is valid, but should isn't really on the balance of the thing. It's on tthe ref.
This is how I see it, and great example of Mills Lane there

Webbiano; I wasn't talking about the actual decision being overturned earlier. My point was should the general opinion on Ali be that he cheated to win that fight?
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