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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by mrtony80 View Post
Oh, come on, man. You know damn well you were being funny. The kids were obviously advanced, but you chose them in particular to drive your point home that the video I posted was weak, i.e., this is what kids can do, and you can't...
Negative. I posted this particular video because it's one of my favourite sparring vids and the first one that popped in my mind. I posted this same video on facebook and several times already on this forum.

Btw. I can't do what these kids do either, they are more advanced than I am in most if not all aspects.

Originally Posted by mrtony80 View Post
I am welcoming of criticism, that why I initially asked for your opinion before making a thread. You and I have been going at it for years now. If I was so against harsh criticism, I definitely wouldn't have asked YOUR opinion.
Which is why I didn't quite get your PM, but fair enough I guess there is some truth to this statement.
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