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Default Re: ok. make your predictions. how does 'the fight' pan out?

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
firstly. one liners and smilies are nothing but a reflection of your ignorance. have the courage to make a fight scenerio, as i havedone, of **** off. this mostly applies to mundine fans, as all of you are ****ing hopeless. either write an 'original' scenario, or **** off. we'll see whos prediction was the most accurate post fight. have some guts and state your prediction. like i have.

you are allowed 2 scenarios but only one winner. my winner is geale. here are 2 scenerios....

how do you see the fight going?

1; i think its obvious mundine is going to come out hard. but he wont stick and move, he will stick, throw fast combinations, and hold. it will be his way of coming forward without getting into exchanges. he then gets to unload, and have a rest while he holds. mundine will look to fire first in combinations, then hold and tie up geale on the inside.

geale on the other hand will fight to a plan. he isnt going for a fast ko. he is going to be calm. he is going to let mundine shoot his load in the first 3 rounds, then step up the pace and wilt mundine under preasure.

mundines 'stick and hold' strategy wont work, as geale is better inside than mundine. geale has the defence to avoid chocs wild flurries, and will counter in close early to the body. he'll bring mundines hands down with his early in close fighting.

from the 3rd on geale will start switching his counters to the body AND head, as mundines hands drop to protect his body. look for an early kd, ko, or wounded mundine between the 4th and 6th. geale however, wont have a plan to end it in any particular period. he will fight the fight as it goes. mundine ko'd by 10.

2; again mundine comes out hard. geale fires back just as hard. open warfare in the first exchanges, which see mundine backing off, and attempting a stick and move strategy.

chocs legs cant last. geale walks him up. he moves his attack to the body, quickly taking away mundines legs. mundine slows down, geale ups the pace. mundine starts to fade and geale switches from body to head in even numbers. mundine gets all defensive, but looks dangerous as he gets frustrated and desperate. geale sticks to his plan. he doesnt get flustered. mundine wilts under the preasure. geale wins with a ko by 10.
I think Mundine will stick and move and try to get in the big shot, he is very good at this tactic now and a pressure fighter like Geale will have to get in to get him which always leaves an opening so Geale has to be careful.

In the end Geale will outwork Mundine and may even stop him in the late rounds, In his last couple of fights Mundine has not looked that good so I hope we see a better Mundine tonight which I am sure we will.

If Mundine does win it opens huge doors for him and lets cut the bull**** he is a quality fighter so he is going to be tough but I still favour Geale he is in his prime right now.
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