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Default Re: Lets Not Forget That It Was A Great Fight !!!!

Originally Posted by freddy-wak
nobody got exposed yesterday, NOBODY...paul williams said it himself that the 12th round is what sealed the deal, and really...the fight was hella close...alot of punches were thrown by him but surprisingly, not many landed....margo impressed me with his defense a bit, he was slipping punches and blocking alot of them.....

and dont forget that they had 2 ****en weak ass judges who hadn't scored any notable fights, so my guess is that they got all ****en wet when they seen paul williams throw alot....

much props to williams for hanging in there for the last half of the fight, he really looked hurt and winded in some rounds....that body attack was brutal and not many people would of been able to take all that body punishment.....

but really fellaz, nobody got exposed, it was a close ass fight that really could've gone either way....nobody lost, both of their stocks will go up but again, i think they both will get avoided alot.....people dont fear margo's skill, they fear his heart, *****, and relentless non stop pressure....if he can make a 6'1 fighter run for his life, imagine what he can do to the rest of the welterweight champs......

CINTRON, WOW...really impressed with him and i would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to see him in there with williams......

and gomez, well we'll see how he will do with B level fighters...i would like to see him fight prospects like julio or berto.....
You think Gomez could take your boy JCC Jr. out?

I think Cintron is going to be a big threat in the 147 division, Emmanuel Steward is doing a great job with him and after demolishing Mallthyse in 2, the sky is the limit for this kid.

PW vs AM was a great fight as well, 12 rounds of great action and a lot of heart. I was really suprised that PW took all that punishment, especially in the 11th round when AM was beating him up. It's evident that Williams is going to be a ***** to fight for anyone in the future. Can take punishment, great stamina, killer workrate..and being 6'1" helps a tadddd bit. Only guy I see that can beat him is Cotto. Margarito is a tough fighter and I think he should pursue a rematch with Cintron. Cintron may want to avenge his only loss and it gives Marg a chance to get a title and get back in the picture as the "most avoided fighter" in boxing
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