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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by r1p00pk View Post
why the fck does your trainer make you do this ****. what ever happened to normal training
He says it's all about having to deal with two things - stamina, and dealing with different styles. Makes a lot of sense, imo, although it is some hard work. That video was the last round, and the five previous all had differences I had to deal with, e.g., one guy was 6'3, so I had to work on fighting a much taller opponent, which if I ever decide to compete, I'm going to have to do, because I refuse to drop any weight off my 5'6, 147 frame. Another guy was short, but good at inside fighting, so I had to deal with that. By the time it got to the chick in the video, there wasn't much benefit to that style-wise, but regarding stamina, yeah. I was ****ing exhausted, though.

I've been to a lot of boxing gyms, and heard a lot of training techniques, but this thing with fighting opponents with different styles ever round is genius to me, something all boxing gyms should do. Done correctly, and with commitment, it could build a fighter with FMJ type ability to adjust to his opponent.
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