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Default Re: Nigel Benn & The Es*** boys

I don't think anyone can actually ascertain the legitimacy of any of the "facts" about what happened as there is so much conflicting information. It definitely wasn't O'Mahoney who was really just a nightclub bouncer on one the doors of a club that Tony Tucker used to run. He has somehow re-invented himself as some kind of underworld figure but is really just a desperate hanger-on. He was writing to the Krays in prison and visiting them despite having absolutely nothing to do with them in reality or any reason to be in contact with them other than wanting to be a part of that pathetic world of celebrity "gangsters".

Whoever did it obviously planned it extremely well and made sure they left very little evidence, as a professional hit should be. Anyone that has made a television program or written a book is hardly going to be an active criminal, they don't tend to broadcast their activities at all surprisingly, they tend to prefer a low profile as it keeps them out of jail.

The whole "es*** boys" saga has been blown out of proportion anyway, they were just a few roid munchers that ran a couple of doors that walked about thinking they were major players. The major players wouldn't ever get their hands dirty like that and the sensible ones certainly wouldn't live in the UK attending televised boxing matches with famous world champions, that's how Frank Lucas got caught back in the 70's remember!
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