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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
Right you have just written a massive essay about how pro boxers should train/live so can I ask, how many professional bouts have you had or been involved with? How many bouts have you been in full stop? How much time have you actually spent in a boxing gym?

Just another re****ed post from a no nothing esb poster like 99% of the rest on here.
You ****ing clown, what the hell are you even arguing about?

Pro's train ridiculously hard, if they do not they do not achieve anything, it is wise to keep things ticking over if you're not in training camp, from what I have been told from an s and c coach who wroks with pro boxers, i.e light training sessions that could even just involve stretches but believe me pro's train hard and if you feel their lifestyle is so unprofession, why don't you try and become a pro boxer.
Of course they train hard ,you mug. They should keep things ticking over when not in camp should they? Some light training sessions, right? That's exactly what I said. You just agreed with me, you spastic You are a fifth of the way to becoming a re****.

If you want to train 100% all year round that is your choice and you may benefit from that but no a training camp should not be just to sharpen up you ****ing idiot, also do you do realise that boxers don't just work on conditioning while they're in a camp don't you?
Who the **** said training at 100% all year round is a good thing. I made it very clear that boxers must peak at the right time (which is the opposite of saying they should be at 100% all year round you ****). Did I say a training camp is just to sharpen up skills? No. I said it's to peak conditioning, work on a gameplan, and simulate the fight. Learn to read, dumb ****. You are now a quarter of the way to becoming a re****.

your comparison to messi is redundant as messi trains with far less intensity than elite boxers do, mainly because he competes far more regularly and then has a break of about 2 months at the end of a season messi is also the greatest player on the planet, a lot of "professional" footballers are on the **** every week and balloon up 2 stone during the summer (I have seen ones from round my end out on the drink a few days before a game). If he trained with the intensity boxers do he'd be fatigued during competition.
Let me spell it out for you. Peterson said that 90% of the training Williams did was conditioning, and only 10% of it was technical stuff. This is the equivalent of Messi spending 90% of his time in the gym, and only 10% on the football pitch. No one is talking about intensity. Get it? No? Then you are three quarters of the way to being a re****.

Also I train 5-6 days a week and 2 times a days.
..............Do you want me to give you a medal? Do you want me to clap for you?

weights may not get you bigger but you are still conditioning your muscles for a slow push and short burst. If you spend too much time on heavy weights you will have **** stamina, because extra muscle takes up extra oxygen and muscles need to be trained for endurance and explosivness

Right. So you say weights may not get you bigger, but in the same ****in' paragraph are telling me if you spend too much time on weights the "extra muscles" will **** up your stamina? Who said anything about spending too much time on weight, you clown? Did I even mention the amount of time a boxer should spend on weights? Did I give hours? Did I say how many times a week they should train with weights?. No, all I said is that some trainers are backwards because they have the wrong attitude towards weights.

Boxers at the elite level deserve a break imo, a few sessions a week won't hurt but the main work is done in the camp.
so basically you've just said you agree with what I said. Which is the same thing you just said there in case you didn't read. Congratulations, you have now been exposed as full re****.

Brah, you shouldn't have bothered. Got totally and utterly annihilated. This was a worse clowning than Mayweather vs Gatti. Point by point you got pwned like some geek pwning a noob on counter strike. I did some geek level clowning.It was all very easy too. Compared to you, I am an elite level individual. You'll need to come up with some valid **** before you start spouting off. Learning to read would be a good ****in' start
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