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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

Originally Posted by ero-sennin View Post
You ****ing clown, what the hell are you even arguing about?

Of course they train hard ,you mug. They should keep things ticking over when not in camp should they? Some light training sessions, right? That's exactly what I said. You just agreed with me, you spastic You are a fifth of the way to becoming a re****.

Who the **** said training at 100% all year round is a good thing. I made it very clear that boxers must peak at the right time (which is the opposite of saying they should be at 100% all year round you ****). Did I say a training camp is just to sharpen up skills? No. I said it's to peak conditioning, work on a gameplan, and simulate the fight. Learn to read, dumb ****. You are now a quarter of the way to becoming a re****.

Let me spell it out for you. Peterson said that 90% of the training Williams did was conditioning, and only 10% of it was technical stuff. This is the equivalent of Messi spending 90% of his time in the gym, and only 10% on the football pitch. No one is talking about intensity. Get it? No? Then you are three quarters of the way to being a re****.

..............Do you want me to give you a medal? Do you want me to clap for you?

Right. So you say weights may not get you bigger, but in the same ****in' paragraph are telling me if you spend too much time on weights the "extra muscles" will **** up your stamina? Who said anything about spending too much time on weight, you clown? Did I even mention the amount of time a boxer should spend on weights? Did I give hours? Did I say how many times a week they should train with weights?. No, all I said is that some trainers are backwards because they have the wrong attitude towards weights.

so basically you've just said you agree with what I said. Which is the same thing you just said there in case you didn't read. Congratulations, you have now been exposed as full re****.

Brah, you shouldn't have bothered. Got totally and utterly annihilated. This was a worse clowning than Mayweather vs Gatti. Point by point you got pwned like some geek pwning a noob on counter strike. I did some geek level clowning.It was all very easy too. Compared to you, I am an elite level individual. You'll need to come up with some valid **** before you start spouting off. Learning to read would be a good ****in' start
Just high lighting that little part of your quote because what you actually said is: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle".

Now tell me how do you know boxers do not do a bit of training all year round, I think you'll find if you look hard enough that actually 90% of boxers do train even out of camp and like I said all you need to do out of camp is put the body through stretches once a week and don't go too crazy with the drink or diet. There are boxers who do not follow this strategy and provided they put the work in in camp they can make up for it.

Also I obviously do not agree with what you have said otherwise I would not have made the argument, what I am saying is that you know nothing about boxing and that in actual fact most boxers do a small bit of maintainance work outside of camp and the work they do in the camp is utter hell and is very professional.

Also with regards to Williams's coach, he got his boxer from an amateur all the way to a world title, when you do that you can comment. Williams will have overall been doing much more hours per day training than messi was so he probably would be spending as much time training skill overall and he had a style which was mainly based around his physical strengths anyway, I personally wouldn't follow that training method but different athletes respond to different methods.

You implied that training camps should just there for boxers to sharpen up and that shouldn't be the case, this is utter bollecks as training camps are not just there to sharpen up and you said they should already basically be at their best going into a camp which is boolecks, in reality they are there to train and fully prepare for a fight, and the process boxers go through is very professional but a little key board ***** like you wouldn't appreciate that.

With regards to the weight training as well, they may not get you bigger provided you only train once or twice a week, that is the maximum amount of time you should spend on them in boxing, weight training often does increase the size of muscles however and it does not increase the strength of the heart. also working with heavy weights tires your muscles out a lot, so if spend a lot of time on them you will be suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness while going into all your other training sessions, you will not be able to increase your endurance as much as you like and if you do put on size it will increase the strain on your heart. There are several reasons why too much weights training is bad in boxing and I think coaches know more about that than you.

Truth is in reality your just like the 90% of posters here who little about how boxers should train etc. but thinks googling it and reading an article on wiki makes you an expert on it.

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