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Default Re: How can you lose belly without losing upper body?

One important thing when trying to maintain muscle whilst losing fat is keeping a high protein intake & keeping a low carb intake that way you are burning fat and not cutting into your protein stores which would eventually burn away at the muscle.

Try taking in 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of your bodyweight, for instance when i started cutting from 17 stone 9lbs/247lbs i was taking in around 370g of protein a day and kept my carbs to less than 100g a day, i lost over a stone of fat and kept lean muscle i'm now sitting at around 16 stone 3lbs/227lbs.

Its not just calories you have to cut its carbs, you will need a decent ammount of calories to maintain your muscle, just keep the carbs low and do lots of cardio to lose the fat.

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