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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
Just high lighting that little part of your quote because what you actually said is: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle".

Also with regards to Williams's coach, he got his boxer from an amateur all the way to a world title, when you do that you can comment. Williams will have overall been doing much more hours per day training than messi was so he probably would be spending as much time training overall, I personally wouldn't follow that training method but different athletes respond to different methods.
That was a quote from PK, you ****wit. Hence the quotation marks. You do know what quotation marks are, right? I made it clear in my first paragraph that was a quote from PK.

Now tell me how do you know boxers do not do a bit of training all year round, I think you'll find if you look hard enough that actually 90% of boxers do train even out of camp and like I said all you need to do out of camp is put the body through stretches once a week and don't go too crazy with the drink or diet. There are boxers who do not follow this strategy and provided they put the work in in camp they can make up for it.
That point was in reference to Amir Khan who stated he did not do any training outside of training camp, but will start doing so now that he's with Hunter. Again, if you knew how to read, you would've realised this. It did not apply to 90% of boxers, I was talking about one boxer.

Also I obviously do not agree with what you have said otherwise I would not have made the argument, what I am saying is that you know nothing about boxing and that in actual fact most boxers do a small bit of maintainance work outside of camp and the work they do in the camp is utter hell and is very professional.
You did agree with what I said because it's the same ****in' thing you said, you absolute moron. You and I both agree that fighters need to rest, they can't be at 100% all year round, and the bulk of the training needs to take place during camps. What part of this don't you understand, dumbass?

You implied that training camps are just there for boxers to sharpen up at the moment and that shouldn't be the case, this is utter bollecks as training camps are not just there to sharpen up, they are there to train and fully prepare for a fight, and the process boxers go through is very professional but a little key board ***** like you wouldn't appreciate that.
Oh so now I "implied" that did I? Funny you say that, because this is what I wrote in my OPENING post

"training camps should be used to peak your conditioning, work on a gameplan, and simulate the actual fight through sparring. It is very physically demanding stuff, and yes boxers do need a break"

Yeah I really implied what you said didn't I?

Also with regards to Williams's coach, he got his boxer from an amateur all the way to a world title, when you do that you can comment.
Great logic. Shut down the whole forum then because only people who have won a world title are allowed an opinion. I guess people were wrong to criticize Vince Cleverly as well since none of us have trained anyone to such a high level.

and as for weights, who said anything about "too much" weight training. Who said boxers should train weights more than twice a week? Who said they should train x amount of times a week, for x amount of hours? Who are you arguing with? Some imaginary guy? Some reptillian? You are the ****head who's making assumptions here.

Seriously, this is beyond your capacity. You're better off going back to talking about reptillian beings and illuminati conspiracies in the lounge. I'm gonna steal one of dftaylor's insults now because you are an "utter, utter, ****wit".

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