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Default Re: Will Sky Show Big Domestic Showdowns Again With Safe Eddie At The Helm?

It's hard to keep all the boxing fans happy and ultimately some will prefer it this way to another and vice versa.

Everyone laid into FW for matching Burns against "domestic opposition" last year and generally if a fighter doesn't go to america or fight international names operating at world level then they get lambasted for it, on ESB especially.

But this thread is a complaint that Hearns fighters are more likely to manoeuvre themselves into world title contention fighting ranked international fighters than fighting their domestic (but probably for the most part poorer and lower ranked) rivals? I've never been one to get obsessed with domestic match ups and would rather Brits took on the best abroad personally. There are some natural domestic match ups that I'd like to see like Price/Fury or Barker/Macklin and Frampton/Quigg but I'm happy to see cards that show case a British fighter against an international opponent if that later leads to a world title shot for that same guy.
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