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Default Re: Joe Frazier Vs. Evander Holyfield..Prime for Prime?

Originally Posted by Waynegrade View Post
I have to go with Frazier and here`s why. If you carefully watch Holy`s fights with Bowe, Bowe tore up Holy inside. Reason ? Bowe was a master infighter for a big man because he was taught by the absolute best, Eddie Futch. Who just happened to be Frazier`s trainer as well. In a phone booth war, Frazier gets inside and goes to war. It`s a tough fight, a competitive fight but Frazier`s. Holy doesn`t have Foreman type power to get Frazier on the deck. So Frazier keeps `Smokin` the whole time. Possibile late rd stoppage from an accumulations of bodyshots and heavy leaft hooks eventually get to Holy. I just san`t see Holy keeping `71` edition Frazier off him ...
Interesting... but Bowe is 6'5" with an 82" reach and a solid 235-240 Lbs. at his best. Bowe was also quick and athletic. Futch trained both, but they were completely different fighters. Frazier won't be able to lean on Holyfield like Bowe did. Say what you will about Bowe but he remains one of only 3 Lineal HW Champs who never lost by KO/TKO... Tunney and Marciano are the others.
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