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Default Re: Joe Frazier Vs. Evander Holyfield..Prime for Prime?

Originally Posted by Waynegrade View Post
While I pass YOU the pipe (again) if you do in fact look close. It was Bowe`s inside manuevering and technique that Beat Holy inside... If Frazier was able to break down Ali in FOTC, who was faster and with a better chin than Holy. Why wouldn`t Frazier be able to break down Holy ????? You realize of course that Holy lacks true one punch power to keep Frazier off of him ??? Holy would foolishly want to engage Frazier in a war, and beating Frazier at his game ain`t happening. Doesn`t matter what pipe you smoke. And guess what, if Holy chooses to box and stay away. Frazier has the wheels an heart to wear him down. Unless of course you want to tell me that Holy was more elusive than Ali and a better boxer ??? If you don`t think Frazier hit hard enough, especially to the body. Tell that to Ali who had to use a cane for week and urinated blood as well after Manila ... Kudos for great points at exactly how Holy would steamroll Frazier !! BTW rocketman, did you happen to miss how a very poor mans Frazier in Bert Cooper almose stopped Holyfield ??? Oops, forgot that one right ? That was a jammed up Cooper who`s body attack wasn`t even remotley close to Frazier`s ...
You're falling into the trap of thinking boxing is 'box and move or brawl' but boxing isn't that simple. Holyfield will lead with the jab and back Frazier up and counter punch him. On the outside Holyfield easily picks Frazier off. Allot of the fight will happen on the outside with Holyfield standing his ground.

Holyfield's great technical skills saw him time, countered and back up Tyson before stopping him.

Holyfield is a much better inside and fitter than Ali, Ali was on top for the first 7 rounds too and then Frazier took over

An inside fight is much harder against a man who is 40lbs heavier because they are harder to push backwards, they are more durable and they hit harder.

Also don't mock Holyfield's power, he isn't a KO puncher usually but he hits more than hard enough to back Frazier up, Quarry and Ali backed Frazier up and Holyfield hits harder than them I think. Actually don't be surprised if Frazier is backed up for allot of this fight.

Holyfield's technical skill level is much better than Frazier, that'd be the difference here with Holyfield matching him for stamina and being the bigger man
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