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Default Re: How can you lose belly without losing upper body?

Originally Posted by kh80290z View Post
thanks for that, im going to try more cardio, but also do strength training. i may try lifting extra weights, what i need is muscle gain, and not fat gain.
you aint gonna gain muscle while losing fat..unless your doing some kind of PEDs...and if you cut calories, you dont really want to try to jack up your lifting even more. More isnt always better..and with less fuel coming in you will just overtrain and really start breaking down the muscle. Again...cut overall calories by cutting carbs and maybe fat (again, you dont want to totally cut out fat..and i dont know where you are right now). Keep your protein high, lift a few less sets and heavier more cardio. Make sure you get plenty of sleep..that will help to keep you from losing muscle, and drink allot of water. Dont eat late (if you go to bed at 11, dont eat past 8. However, to avoid muscle loss, you can take about 15 grams of whey protein right before you go to bed.

take reduction doesnt work, so so dont think that by doing sit ups you will lose your belly..however core work can help strengthen those muscles to help you hold yourself in a bit, and make you look better. Try to cut about a thousand calories a day, and try to burn a extra 500 a day, you will lose 3 pounds a week at that rate (first week should be more, maybe 7, next week 5, but that will mostly be water weight) again, make sure you drink plenty of water...some other fluids is fine..but water as well.

one thing i like to do, is take in some extra low/no carb fiber.....that will help to keep you regular (****ting) while your body is getting more protein.
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