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Default Re: Nigel Benn & The Es*** boys

Originally Posted by Peter__1987 View Post
As for O'Mahoney he just seems like a ****ing idiot to me, I'm not saying I have intimate knowledge of how The Es*** Boys firm worked or anything but it seems to like he was basically just a doorman for them who seen an opportunity to make a few quid and become one of these 'celebrity gangsters' and seized it with both hands.

If you want a good insight into all this read Carlton Leach's book Muscle, I'm well aware that like the average 'hardman' book he probably bends the truth here and there but it seems fairly honest for the most part, he doesn't make himself out to be some invincible street fighting machine or pretends that he was an international criminal or anything like that, it's mostly just stories about what happened around the time The Es*** Boys were all running wild full of Steroids and any recreational drug they could get their hands on.

And it has a few chapters about Benn too.

Decent read, if your interested in this kinda stuff.
Leach is a bull****ter mate.Him and Tucker were so terrified of going to the garage that I don't doubt for a second both would have sold their kids' eyes to stay out.
And Tucker should've been got much sooner for that disgraceful barnet!
Tate should've took the clippers to that midden of a haircut purely out of embarrassment for being seen with Tucker.
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