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Default Re: Will Sky Show Big Domestic Showdowns Again With Safe Eddie At The Helm?

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
I am noticing that Jack, Marlow and Rob consistently defend Eddie. Could this be a new trend, the promoter nut-hugger?
Why wouldn't a boxing fan show support for the promoter who delivers the best results for the boxing fans? That's ridiculous.

I'm not for or against any promoter for the sake of it. I used to be extremely critical of Hennessy a while ago, and I think those criticisms were fair at the time, but now I am happy to say he's turned things round and is doing an excellent job. I don't have any personal bias, I just want what is best for the sport and for the fighters. The promoters who are delivering right now are Hearn and Hennessy, and all the others aren't delivering for us fans.

I'll continue to support promoters who do the right thing for the fans and fighters. I'm not going to support those who ruin careers, refuse to pay the fighters and rip fighters off, just for the sake of being unbiased. I am biased - but only towards those promoters who make the sport better.
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