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Default Re: Joe Frazier Vs. Evander Holyfield..Prime for Prime?

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
You're falling into the trap of thinking boxing is 'box and move or brawl' but boxing isn't that simple. Holyfield will lead with the jab and back Frazier up and counter punch him. On the outside Holyfield easily picks Frazier off. Allot of the fight will happen on the outside with Holyfield standing his ground.

Holyfield's great technical skills saw him time, countered and back up Tyson before stopping him.

Holyfield is a much better inside and fitter than Ali, Ali was on top for the first 7 rounds too and then Frazier took over

An inside fight is much harder against a man who is 40lbs heavier because they are harder to push backwards, they are more durable and they hit harder.

Also don't mock Holyfield's power, he isn't a KO puncher usually but he hits more than hard enough to back Frazier up, Quarry and Ali backed Frazier up and Holyfield hits harder than them I think. Actually don't be surprised if Frazier is backed up for allot of this fight.

Holyfield's technical skill level is much better than Frazier, that'd be the difference here with Holyfield matching him for stamina and being the bigger man
Whew ! Ok, Holy was not slick defensively, and got hit often, either boxing or brawling. Second, your delusional if you think Holyfield`s inside skills are anywhere near Frazier`s. In Frazier, your talking about probably the best in-fighting heavyweight of them all. Holyfield was NOT a hard puncher, fact! Who said that Frazier had better techinical skiks ???? His heart tenacity, ability to fight in close quarters and, yes steady, heavy body attack gets to Holyfield. I have to laught
when you guys try to compare Frazier with Tyson !!! Two very different fighters, Frazier`s heart actually grew in an all out war. Holy has nithing on Frazier in that Dept. Where as Tyson wilts in a tough, distance fight Frazier would welcome the war. Now Bowe is 40 lbs heavier ?? Prime Bowe, 235. Again I must point out it ain`t the weight, rather how innefective Holy would be against Frazier inside. I do NOT think Holy turns into Larry Homes or Ali, and skirts the edges of the ring while carefully outboxing Frazier. Cooper almost turned the trick and he couldn`t carry Frazier`s spit-bucket. This fight goes one way, all out war. Holyfield is not big enough and does not have Foreman type power to back Joe off. How is Holy going to counterpunch with Frazier`s head in his chest ? Holy isn`t slick enough, and isn`t Foreman. This fight is tough, kind of close but Frazier`s. Late stoppage possible...
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