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Default Re: Question about getting into amateur boxing

Thanks for the reply. Yeah i am on a stable amount of medication now and I have been fine for about a year now. I wouldnt say my eyesight is bad because i can see everything i need to see lol with and without glasses i mean i can drive for gods sake without them and ive never had a crash or even a near crash lol I think part of being bipolar means i overthink things and that is probably what im doing. The bipolar thing doesnt worry me as i think if you doctor says you are mentally fit at that time it would be ok. I think im also paranoid because when i was 17 i applied to join the royal marines and i passed everything except the eye test but i mean they are alot stricter than anyone lol so i think that is always in the back of my mind.

I was talking to a guy and he said all you can do is just give it my best shot, if i fail i can look into training or coaching in my local club...he did say however that they are a little flexible when it comes to the medical/

any other opinions would be great thanks
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