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Default Re: Will Ricky Burns duck Adrien Broner if they both win the next fights they have?

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty View Post
**** sake, after reading this this thread no wonder the better posters here sailed away & tried to make a better home for themselves recently.

I been here posting for a LONG time, & this has to be the worst thread I have ever read on brit ESB. The haters/aliases are loving it, & no doubt my post only adds fuel to their fire, but this thread hurts the credibility of this site as serious place to discuss brit boxing.

over 200 replies for a poster that only exists to jock hate & antagonize Billy Nelson... is that the level this place has sunk to?

And you've been a model of posting excellence Dunky? In 2009 when Appleby fought Lindsay you posted:

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty View Post
OK noob, heres the deal.

If Appleby loses this fight? I will stop posting here for good. THATS how sure I am chuckles wins this one.

No bull****ting, people have been wanting me away from here for years, but this fight has tipped me over the edge. So many people thinking the irishman wins this one, I have to take it one stage further & say that if Lindsey wins, I will retire from Brit ESB.

I been here for five years now, so it doesnt get anymore serious than this. It aint no cop-out, cos if my man loses I will return for 5 posts, take my punishment like a real man, give my take on the fight & will walk away. **** it.
THATS how confident I am of the scotsman winning, just incase anyone here thought it was mere bravado. Its time to put necks on the line.

FIVE YEARS here. If Applebey loses, I come in for five posts maximum just to say how I sawa the fight & to let the victors kick me when Im down, then Im off.
& if I dont go away as promised? just tell the mods & they have my blessing to ban my ass for good. After all, a bet is a bet. Not that I will be back anyway, but a bet is a bet at the end of the day.

Not that Im going anywhere of course

Only way I dont leave though if Appleby loses is if the fight ends prematurely on a cut that was unintentional. Thats never a satisfactory ending to a fight.
Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty View Post
Yeah yeah, I remember noob, or as you won the bet, I will call you by your name, the jollystomper.

Well what can I say? Appleby lost, I lost the bet(to a ****in noob) & heres where its at. I promised to come back for 5 posts & 'take it like a man' as they say, & I am a man of my word
That in turn led to this thread:

You're clearly NOT a "man of your word" as four years on, lord knows how many tiresome, self absorbed, Scots biased posts later you are still here lecturing other posters for contributing to this utterly superb thread

**** OFF McCafferty you tiresome knob, this thread is ****ing awesome, if you don't like it, ignore it, better still honor your bet and LEAVE as promised.

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